Mager and Gougelman 
of St. Louis
Makers of Fine Ocular Prostheses

As a leading provider in St. Louis, we take pride in offering high-quality ocular prostheses with care and compassion.  We also take pride in our long-standing relationships with the referring eye doctors at Washington University, Children's Hospital and Barnes Hospital. We also receive referrals from many other doctors in St. Louis and other parts of Missouri and Illinois.

It is our goal to fabricate the most life-like and comfortable ocular prosthesis for our patients to restore physical appearance and personal confidence.

Our Ocularists, listed below, are board-certified by the National Examining Board of Ocularists and board-approved diplomates of The American Society of Ocularists.

Carolyn O'Neill, BCO, BADO

Todd Chiles, BCO, BADO 

(Ocularists are not medical doctors.)